Welcome to the Walking Dead Road to Survival Wikia.Edit

Since the original inception we have come along in Leaps & Bounds. The aim is to create a great wikia, that hopefully will look great, but provide invaluable advice & information to anyone playing this game.

Here are a few Guidelines/Rules I would like all users to adhere to:-

Registration Edit

Please register with the Wikia, so we know who we are communicating with. I have kept editing open as some people just want to do a quick edit. Registration may become compulsory in the future, but at this stage every one should have the ability to contribute.

Swearing/Abuse Edit

Please refrain from any swearing or Profanity. Even though this game is Rated 18 Plus, I am sure there are a number of players that are under 18, but their parents may not appreciate them being involved in a game where users swear or abuse other users.

Also, do not abuse any other members, or harass them. There appears to be enough of this in the Global Chat.

Uploading Images Edit

Please when uploading Images, rename the file to something relevant like the following examples:-

  • Character (ie Rick Days Gone Bye.png),
  • Mission (Alexandria324.png, )
  • Ingredient (Empty Bottle.png)
  • Building (Town Hall.png)
  • Adrenaline Rush (Rick respected resolve.png)

If there is already an image by the same name, maybe just add 2 digits after the eg: description Holly01.png

Adding a Character Edit

Please use the character template to add a new character. Also, that character will need a category, so don't forget to add Characters, as well as relevant Persona & Trait. EG Tough & Hunter.

Here is a guide on how to do it.

Also, the character should be added in the relevant section on the Characters Page. This is divided by Trait, then sorted by their rating .

Finale Edit

Most Importantly, enjoy using this site, and I hope it helps with your gameplay. I would also like to thank those people that have contributed so much. Every bit helps, as the game also keeps changing, and can be quite difficult to stay on top of.


HBG (Darug)

Admin (Original Creator of this wikia)

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