Walkers have various speeds & strengths according to their type. Walkers are known as Zombies to the non-Walking Dead Fans.

Walkers may also be known as:-

  • Roamers
  • Lurkers
  • Biters
  • Infected[1]

Please note that the names given are not official, and are nickames only.

Nickname Trait Abilities Pic
Ronda Strong Slow to Move, but has a High Attack
Walker Ronda
Dan Tough Slow to move, Hit with Yellow, then Blue. He can take a few hits to kill, as he has a high HP.
Walker Dan
Racey Fast Moves quicker than other Walkers TBC
Arnold Strong Slow to Move, but has a High Attack
Walker Arnold
Sharon Alert Has a higher defense than other Walkers.
Walker Sharon
Russell Fast Moves quicker than other Walkers
Walker Russell
Amy None None
Walker Amy
Angus None None
Walker Angus
Leonie None None
Walker Leonie
Marcia None None
Walker Marcia
Robbie None None
Walker Robbie
Sandra None None
Susan None None
Walker Susan
Tom None None
Walker Tom

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