As you may or may not know, I haven't been active for quite a few months.

Late last year, I was forced into closing my business by my landlord, despite having a possible buyer.

After this I was trying to survive on unemployment benefits, and desperatly trying to find employment.

During this time I started to find that I could no longer make the contributions I previously had done, as my depression was starting to spiral out of control (hence the message that was on the Intro). In March this year, I did find employment, though it was only on a casual basis, which was sometimes only 16 hours a week.

In April, I managed to gain a transfer to another store, however, sometimes that is only 30 hours a week.

I also seperated from my wife, of 23 years, and I am no longer living at home. I have had very little internet access, however I am quite happy to say I still play the game.

Anyone that is willing to be a major contributor, please let me know.

HBG (also known as Darug)

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