Uncommon Gear

Extra Gear such as Safety Helmets, Down Vests, Waist Packs & Bloody Jackets also be found.

This Mission is available on The Roadmap, & requires a Bronze Radio to open for a limited amount of time. Bronze Radio opens this area up for 45 mins. This Mission also appears usually at the same time as Rare Gear.

Recommended Grade: A

Final Rewards : Safety Helmet x 1

Advice:- Unless you are a higher player, & have an Energy limit of 24, you will need to use a World Energy Refill. Otherwise, you will need to use another Radio (or 2) to complete Stage 3.

Stage Energy Required Waves Enemy Type Rewards
1 8 5 Walkers[1] Down Vest
2 8 5 Enemy Survivors[2] Bloody Jacket
3 8 5 Walkers Waist Pack
  1. Some Obstacles
  2. Tough/Alert Opposition

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