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Powerful abilities inherent to Specialist Recruits. Currently there are 14 Types of Specialist Skill: Human Shield, Parting Shot, Life Steal, Tenacity, Collateral Damage, Command, Neutralize, Execution, Retribution, Guardian, Indomitable, Hemorrhage, Lightning Reflexes and Decapitate.

Obtainability Edit

Recruits and Rewards : Premier RecruitsElite Characters5 Star Recruits Tokens4 Star Recruits Tokens

Limited-Time Events: Tournaments, RoadmapsEvent Packages.

Note: Specialist Recruit does not have Leader Skill instead have Specialist Skill.

Types of Specialist Skills Edit

Human Shield:Edit

Human Shield

While this character is defending, all attacks from human enemies may only target them. (Swipe right on character icon to defend).
Characters which have this skill: Garrett "Into the Breach" (Red), Lee "No Time Left" (Green), Konrad 5*, Katjaa 3*, Michonne "In Too Deep", Magna "Call To Arms", "Jesus" Road To Survival #1, Estella, Garrett Road To Survival, Edition #1

Parting Shot:Edit

Parting Shot

If this character is killed by an enemy attack, they will immediately perform a guaranteed critical attack against the enemy.
Characters which have this skill: Caroline, Dwight 4* "Life and Death", Negan, Negan Prestige Edition, Carl "Days Gone Bye", Carl "March To War" Jesus "All Out War", Gator, Oberson, Carl 3* "March to War", Clementine 4* "A New Day", The Governor "The Calm Before", Richard 4* "March To War", Rod 4*

Life Steal: Edit

Life Steal

When this character kills an enemy character, they will regain 20% of their max health.
Characters which have this skill: Connor 4* "All Out War", Morgan 4* "Fear the Hunters", Gregory 4* "Life and Death", Lee "Around Every Corner", Gregory "Life & Death", Dwight "All Out War", Dwight "Road to Survival" #1, Michonne "The Calm Before", Cooper, Lori "Made To Suffer", Ezekiel "Life And Death", Rick "Whispers Into Screams", Cain, Wilkins, Benji



If this character's health is above 10% and they take damage that would kill them, their health will be reduced to 1 HP instead.
Characters which have this skill: Gregory "A Larger World", Sophia 3* "March to War", Bridget, The Governor "The Best Defense", Rosita "No Turning Back", Christa "All that Remains", Clementine "All that Remains", Karlson, Carson "Road to Survival" #1, Skylar, Maggie "Survival Road", Tess, Negan "Something To Fear"

Collateral Damage:Edit

Collateral Damage

When this character performs a Critical Attack on an enemy, they will deal splash damage to up to two adjacent enemies.
Characters which have this skill: Eugene 4* "A New Beginning", Sandy "Into the Breach", Kenny "Around Every Corner", Abraham "Something to Fear", Shiva, Eugene "Whispers Into Screams", Michonne Prestige Edition



While this character is defending, the previous ally to take an action this turn will receive a bonus action. That ally will be unable to act the next turn.
Characters which have this skill: Morgan "Morgan Special" (Blue), Timothy "A Larger World" (Red), Chad 4* (Red), Jesus "March To War" (Green), Sandy 4* "March To War" (Green), The Governor 4* "Prestige Edition" (Red), Scout (Red), Mirabelle (Red), Dale "Days Gone Bye", Mirabelle Road To Survival, Edition #2 (Red), Abraham "Something to Fear #2", Oliver, Rick "Days Gone Bye", Morgan "Road to Survival #1", Joey, Maggie "Something to Fear" 



When this character attacks an enemy (does not work when attacking with AR) that has 90% or more adrenaline, the enemy will be , impaired for 1 turn. For more info see Neutralize.
Characters which have this skill: Tyreese "Road To Survival, Edition #1", Bruce (Red), Mark 4* "All Out War". Zachary 4* (Blue), Luke "A New Beginning" 4* (Red), Carl 5★ "No Turning Back", Yumiko (Blue), Lori 5★ "Days Gone Bye" , Barker, Carl What Comes After #2, Rosita "Road to Survival #2" Rosita "Road To Survival" #3, Tyreese, Hershel "Road To Survival" #1, Barker, Barker (Non Playable Character), Zachary "In Too Deep"



When this Character Attacks an enemy that has 20% HP or less, The enemy will be immediately defeated. For more info see Execution
Characters which have this skill: Hershel "Miles Behind Us" (Green), Lester (yellow), Abraham "Life Among Them" (Blue), Michonne "What We Deserve" 3* (red), Sandy Red, Abraham "Road To Survival" #1 (Blue), Glenn Road To Survival, Edition #2 (Green), Viktor, Yumiko "Road To Survival" #1, Sawyer, Michonne Road To Survival Edition #1, Eugene "No Turning Back", Clark, Dwight "Road to Survival" #2



When this Character is Defeated, all of the Character's Surviving teammates will immediately receive 25% of their max AP.
Characters which have this skill: Duane "Days Gone Bye"(Yellow). Siddiq "In Too Deep" (Green) Rick 3* Tough "Road To Survival, Edition #1", Pete "In Too Deep" (Yellow), Rick "Days Gone Bye" (Yellow), Carl "Survival Road" Carol "Days Gone Bye", Laura "No Turning Back", Greg Fairbanks "In Too Deep"

Hemorrhage: Edit

When this specialist lands a critical hit on a enemy that enemy suffers extreme bleeding that worsens every turn [+150 Bleed Damage per turn].

Characters which have this skill: Abraham "Road To Survival" #2 (Blue), Maggie Road To Survival #1 (Yellow)

Indomitable: Edit

While not stunned. Whenever this character takes damage they gain +30% defense until the start of their next turn in addition to any existing defense increases including prior activation of this skill.

Characters which have this skill: Hunter (Blue), Bruce Too Far Gone (Blue)

Guardian: Edit

When this Character Performs a critical attack on an enemy they will apply a protective shield around an ally with the lowest hp the shield will remain active until it negates 1 incoming attack or damaging rush against that ally.

Characters which have this skill: Rick "All Out War" (Yellow), Ezekiel "All Out War", Kal, Denise "All Out War", Jesus "Limited Edition" 4*, Darlene, Axel Road To Survival #1, Douglas

Lightning Reflexes: Edit

When this character is not stunned and is targeted by an adrenaline rush they will immediately counterattack.

Characters which have this skill: Eugene "Road To Survival" #1 (Yellow)

Decapitate: Edit

When this Character lands the killing blow an enemy, that enemy can not be revived.

Characters which have this skill: Ivanova (Blue), Sandy "Road To Survival" #1, Ezekiel "All Out War", Abraham "Something to Fear #2"

See alsoEdit


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