This is where you can use your own money, to purchase coins, resources, Ceasefire, certain Battle Items, or featured items (such as the Raid Energy Bag, Rebel Gear Bag, Survivors Crate) etc.

See also the 30 days pass and the Supply Depot.



Shop 01


Color Currency
Green United States Dollars
Yellow Coins


Object Cost
Various Featured promotions Varies Gold
330 Coins $5.79
Fill Food Varies Gold
1,450 Coins $22.99
7 Day Ceasefire 1,500 Gold


Object Cost
2,300 Coins $29.99
8,250 Coins $99.99
330 Coins $4.99
660 Coins $9.99
1,450 Coins $19.99
4,000 Coins $49.99


Object Cost
8 Hour Ceasefire 180 Gold
24 Hour Ceasefire 360 Gold
2 Day Ceasefire 580 Gold
7 Day Ceasefire 1,500 Gold
Raid Energy Refill 100 Gold
World Energy Refill 100 Gold


Resources vary depending on the advancement of the player.

Object Cost
50% Food Varies Gold
Fill Food Varies Gold
50% Materials Varies Gold
Fill Materials Varies Gold

Battle ItemsEdit

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