As play progresses, the player can add/train more characters to add to the Roster. Eventually, this will become a team of 5 (Plus an Ally in the Story Mission, or with the Leader of an existing faction).

Player level 100 give 120 characters slots.
You can buy up to 35 extra slots, at anytime.
Maximum amount 120 + 35 = 155 characters slots.

You can increase your roster size in the shop, general tab, by using Gold Coins this can be done up to +25 slots above your Players Level
1st 5 additional roster slots = 50 Coins (from 5 at release)
2nd 5 additional roster slots = 100 Coins (from 25 at release)
3rd 5 additional roster slots = 150 Coins (from 25 at release)
4th 5 additional roster slots = 250 Coins (from 25 at release)
5th 5 additional roster slots = 350 Coins (from 25 at release)
6th 5 additional roster slots = 450 Coins New 14 August 2016
7th 5 additional roster slots = 550 Coins New 14 August 2016
Went from 105 gold for 25 slots to 900 gold.

See Also Teams, Team grade, Leader Skill


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