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Rositas Rescue Mission


'Battle Waves of Walkers to Homemart as Rosita's Clouded past is Revealed!'

Only Alert & Strong characters available. Recommended Grade A++

Final Reward - 1 x 4 Star Rosita, 3 x Basic Trainers 

Duration 6 days

Stage Waves Energy


Enemy Expected Rewards
1 3 4 Walkers


Basic Tokens x 2
2 3 5 Walkers[2] Grindstone x 2
3 4 6 Walkers[3] Bloody Shirt x 1
4 4 7 Walkers[4] Coins x 20
5 5 8 Walkers[5] Bloody Shirt x 1, Smelling Salts x 1
6 5 9 Walkers[6] Basic Trainers x 1
7 6 10 Walkers[7] Basic Trainers x 2
8 6 11 Walkers[8] Elite Weapon Tokens x1 + Rosita 4* x1 + Basic Trainers x3

Minor Rewards may Include:- Characters, Work Gloves, Rain Boots, Wrinkled Shirt, Neckerchief, ethanol, walker arm, sunglassses, raw lemon, metal cuter

Main Tips:- Equip all characters with Critical Weapons. They have a better chance at headshots. Stock up on the following Battle Items:-

Make sure that everyone in your faction, has their strongest ALERT & STRONG character, with a Critical Weapon.

Team Used with best success I had + ally:-

  • Lori 4 star Level 60, Protective Shot level 10, Desert Eagle
  • Timothy 3 star Level 50 Headshot level 4, Army Pistol
  • Rick 3 star Level 50 Respected Resolve level 2, Spec Ops SMG
  • Michonne 3 star Level 50 Hows it done level 5, Fire Axe
  • Darius 3 star Level 50 Heavy chop level 5, Contaminated Katana

Notes (to be corrected)

  1. 1st wave featured FAST Walkers.
  2. 1st & 2nd wave featured Fast Walkers. Defeat with STRONG.
  3. All waves feature 3 to 4 FAST. Recommended Team 3 to 4 STRONG.
  4. 3rd Wave 3 x FAST. 4th Wave 4 x FAST, 4 x STRONG. Bring Bloody Shirt, Vials, Healing
  5. 3rd and 4th Wave featured 3 to 4 FAST Walkers. Used Replenish, Bloody Shirt, Smelling Salts & Berserk Bottle. Ally used was Amy 4 star.
  6. Made it thru, with a 4 star Maggie ALERT. Used Sharpshooter, Nitric Oxide, Bloody Shirt, & Sedative Bottle. Smelling Salts would have been handy.
  7. Mixture of STRONG, TOUGH, or FAST thru each wave. Used Smelling Salt, Sharpshooter, Bloody Shirt & Nitric Oxide. All weapons Critical (including a 3 star Governers revolver. Michonne, Timothy, Rick, Darius, Lori + 4 star Maggie (Red)).
  8. Same as the note for Stage 7.
Rositas Rescue Complete
Rositas Rescue Complete 02
Rositas Rescue Complete03

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