Extra Gear such as Ammo Belt, Leather Glove, Hiking Boots, & Compass may also be found.

This Mission is available on The Roadmap, & requires a Silver Radio to open for a limited amount of time.A Silver Radio opens this area up for 45 mins. This Mission also appears usually at the same time as Uncommon Gear.

Recommended Team Grade: A++

Final Rewards : Hiking Boots x 1

Advice:- Unless you are a higher player, & have an Energy limit of 36, you will need to use a World Energy Refill. Otherwise, you will need to use another Radio (or 2) to complete Stage 3.

Enemy survivors are strong (green) and fast (yellow), so your team should ideally be comprised of strong (green) and alert (red).

Stage Energy Required Waves Enemy Type Rewards
1 12 5 Enemy Survivors Leather Glove
2 12 5 Walkers Compass
3 12 5 Enemy Survivors Ammo Belt

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