The game can be played on IOS and Android devices.
Did you know you can also play on a Windows PC (Or Mac)?

Android Emulator for Windows PCEdit

Some reviews:


Status: Working
Do not install the optional "Andy Home" it will download games without your consent.

NOX Player Edit

Status: Working


Status: Working

Ami DuosEdit

Status: Working
If you use Bit defender (anti-virus) active threat control has to be disable when running Ami Duos.

KO Player Edit

Status: Working

Works very nicely, the developers are Chinese so expect some typos. I have experienced better performance on KO than I have on BlueStacks. Everything works perfectly and smoothly.

PC Recording SoftwareEdit

Record the game while playing it (PC)

OBS Multiplatform (FREE)Edit

Android Emulator for Windows MacEdit



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