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Who We Are....Pig Farm is the 19th area of the game. It has 8 stages.

Pevious Area - Next Area

Stages Edit

Stage Required Energy Waves Enemies & Challenges Enemy Type Ally
1 11 6 Alert Enemy Survivors (alert) (Free Emma)

Walkers (Leave her)

2 11 6 Strong Enemy Survivors / Walkers depending on the choices of Stage 1 Garrett
3 11 6 Tough Enemy Survivors Garrett
4 12 6 Alert Enemy Survivors / Walkers [2] Brock / Garrett
5 12 6 Strong Enemy Survivors Garrett
6 12 6 Tough Enemy Survivors Garrett
7 12 6 Strong & Tough Walkers Brock
8 12 6 Strong, Tough & Alert Walkers Emma


  1. You have a choice with Emma



4. Go with Brock, or go with Garrett. Choosing Garrett will result in Tough walkers. If you choose Brock will result in Alert survivors





Area Completion Rewards Edit

XP - Food - Materials

References Edit


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