1. the zombies are all out side looking for people   noone  knows that then one night the heard cars and horns and uugggggggghhh   so people look out there door they saw zobies every one got really really scared they a lock there doors smith was finding out it was good because he had car hegot his family and ran to the car kahlis family  got scared nyeemah got scared her dad mom kahlia kaylah messiah  they had a big big car for the family than ran to it and drove to a diferent citty they where fine at that city others died if t they did not have good shelter 
zombies and a family kahlis family
its scary out kahlis dad mom nyeemah
not 1 person is out its scaryy kahlia kaylah


  1. ​kahlis family was fine but smith family tryed tryed to get away it was  hard there was 90000000000000000000 in the world but where kahlis went she was fine    (back to smith family)                  

smith try to make but he got stuck all the zombie they where mad then people started killing others people and most zombies then there was 400000 zombies after people where killing them 10000 people died it was sad :( for family who know those people .

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