The Inventory section allows you to organize your inventory .

Weapons Edit

There are 3 options at the bottom; 'Equip', 'Get More' or 'Sell'. 'Equip' allows you to change your Characters  Weapons . 'Get More' obtains more weapons from the Recruits & Rewards section. 'Sell' allows you to sell your Weapons for Food or Supply Points. You can also manually swipe across to see all your Weapons.

Gear Edit

This section shows the gear you have obtained and the gear you can obtain, with the respective area to obtain it. It also allows you to sell excess Gear for Food.

Battle Items Edit

This section shows your available battle items. It also allows you to sell excess Battle Items for Food or Materials. You can also press the 'Craft' option to take you directly to the Workshop .

Ingredients Edit

This section shows your available ingredients. It also allows you to sell excess Ingredients for Food

General Edit

Allows you to use your World Energy Refills or Raid Energy Refills or War Energy Refills which refill your World/Raid/War Energy to full.

There are also Bronze Radios, Silver Radios and Gold Radios. These enable access to Roadmap events for a limited time period.

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