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The Road to Survival

The Perils of the Road Reveal themselves in short order

Highway I-85 is the 18th area of the game. It has 8 stages.

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Highway I-85 Edit

Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies & Challenges Enemy Type Advice Ally
1 10 6

No Specific Traits

No Challenges

Walkers [1] Abraham
2 10 6


Area Damage/Focused Damage

Enemy Survivors [2] Abraham
3 10 6 Fast----


Walkers Garrett
4 11 6



Walkers Abraham
5 11 6

Tough / Fast


Walkers (Creek)


6 11 6

Area/Focused Damage


Enemy Survivors [3] Brock
7 11 6

Area Damage


Enemy Survivors [4] Abraham
8 11

Large Mob


Walkers Garrett

Story Choices Edit

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Stage 6:

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

  1. We' ll Take the Road (have to fight Survivors)
  2. We'll take the Creek (have to fight Walkers)

Area Completion Rewards Edit

Mission Rewards: Susan's Shovel, Food x 34,500 , Materials x 34,500 , XP x 6,200 , Coins x 80

References Edit

  1. Nothing particular here.
  2. All Enemy Survivors are Tough, take in some Fast characters. Handy if they have healing abilities, such as Denise, Glenn, Harlan.
  3. Recommend taking a Melee team in.
  4. Recommend taking a Melee team in.

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