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Opposition consists of either Enemy Survivors or Walkers . Their Traits are Tough or Strong. Please note that your team can only consist of Ranged Characters (Tough & Alert), to play this Mission on the Roadmap . Obstacles are present.

Final Rewards Shane ****
Shane Upgrade Lvl 1

Shane LVL 1 Advanced

Gun Fight
Stage Energy Waves Reward Opposition
1 4 3 Basic Tokens x 2 People
2 5 3 Basic Tokens x 4 Walkers
3 6 4 Knockout Gas x  1 Walkers
4 7 4 Muscle Booster x 1 Walkers
5 8 5 First Aid Kit x 1 Walkers
6 9 5 Basic Trainers x 1 Walkers
7 10 6 Elite Weapon Tokens x 1 Walkers
8 11 6 Elite Character Tokens x1 + Shane 4* x1 Walkers
Gunfight completed

Gun fight Cpmpleted

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