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A Edit

  • Achievements - Achievements are where you receive extra rewards, for meeting various tasks.
  • Admins - Admins are the people on this Wikia, that have extra responsibility for maintaining the Wikia.
  • Adrenaline Rush

B Edit

  • Backpacks - Backpacks are received at the end of a successful stage. These include Random Items.

C Edit

D Edit

E Edit

F Edit

  • Faction - A faction is where players help support each other for more rewards.
  • Faction Supporter - A Faction Supporter is where you nominate another Faction Members Leader to help complete a Mission.
  • Food - Food is a type of Resource, mainly used to upgrade Characters.

G Edit

  • Gear - Gear are items used to create or Upgrade Survivors.

H Edit

  • Healer - A Healer is a character with Healing abilities[3].
  • Healing - This is where an enemy or character can heal their teammates
  • HP - HP is short Hit Points[4]. If a character loses all it's health, the character dies.

I Edit

L Edit

  • Large Mob - A Large Mob usually is where more Enemies than normal maybe present.
  • Leader - The Leader is the 1st character in that team.
  • Leader Skill - A Leader Skill is when that character is classed as leader. The Leader enhances other character's abilities.

M Edit

  • Materials - Materials are a type of resource, usually used for upgrading buildings, or crafting Battle Items.
  • Max - Max is short for Maximum. ie Limit
  • Melee - Melee is usually where the character can only handle handheld weapons such as Knives, Axes, etc
  • Missions - Complete a Mission to receive extra rewards. Repeat early missions to gain more resources, gear, survivors etc.

O Edit

P Edit

R Edit

  • Radios - Radios are used to open certain Roadmap Missions for a limited time.
  • Raids - Raids are when you invade other players, not in your faction. This maybe as part of a Tournament.
  • Ranged - Ranged is usually where the character can only handle weapons such as Rifles, Handguns, etc
  • Regions - A Region is where you are currently playing. The game has over 30 different Regions to help from overloading the servers, & provide a better gaming experience.
  • Rewards
  • Roadmap - The Roadmap consists of Missions, that are not part of the Story Mission.
  • Roster - This is where all your characters are located. Some maybe part of a team. The higher your level, the more slots you have to store characters.

S Edit

  • Stage - Each Mission consists of a number of Stages. Complete each stage to receive various Rewards
  • Stun
  • Survivors - Survivors are usually found when completing a stage, or a Daily Mission.

T Edit

  • Tags -
  • Teams- A team consists of up to 5 of your characters, as well as possibly an Ally or Faction Supporter
  • Teammates - Refer to a characters fellow colleagues, or an enemies fellow colleagues.
  • Tier
  • Tournament - Can either be Raid, or Faction.
  • Town - The Town is where all your Buildings are located. Upgrade the Town Hall to increase space.
  • Trainers - Trainers are used to upgrade a characters abilities quicker than normal.
  • Trait - Each Character has a particular Trait, (or strength). Each Trait does more damage than normal to another particular Trait.

W Edit

  • Walkers - Walkers is the name reserved for those known as the undead, Zombies, Biters etc.
  • Weapons - Weapons can be either Ranged (Firearms) or Melee (Hand-Held).

X Edit

XP - XP is short for Experience Points.[5]


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