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Name: Major Gavin Road to Survival, Edition #1
Persona: Leader
Trait: Alert
Age: Unknown
Occupation: National Guard
Rarity: Rare (3 Stars)

Major Gavin Road to Survival, Edition #1 Edit

Info Edit

Gene Gavin, also known as 'The Major', attempted to assume defacto leadership of Woodbury before Brian Blake (The Governor). He is described as having icy blue eyes with a flattop haircut and as being selfish, power-hungry, and psychotic. Claiming to be from a nearby US Army National Guard post with full regalia, several other Guardsmen, and heavy munitions to provide a convincing background, Gavin saw himself the best suited leader in a "martial law" environment. He did not appear in the comics, only in the novel The Rise of the Governor.

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Leader Skill Edit

All Ranged teammates get +20% Attack.

Adrenaline Rush Edit

Pillar of Leadership

All teammates get +80% Defense for 2 turns.

Level Adrenaline Cost
1 120
2 115
3 110
4 105
5 100
6 95
7 90
8 85
9 80
10 (MAX) 75

Stats Edit

Rank AP
Level Attack Defense Health
Tier 1 6 1 312 258 423
Tier 2 6 1 395 326 534
40 466 385 631
Tier 3 8 1 477 394 646
50 549 454 743

Gallery Edit


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