WD Faction

Factions were introduced with the August 17 Update.

You can either join or create a faction.

Icons vary, and the Creator can set a name reccomended hours, as well as Minimum levels, & Reputation to join. Membership can be open, invitation or private.

Faction Ranks

A faction chat feature is also available.

Each Faction consists of up to 30 Members.

By being in a faction, you have an opportunity to add a Leader from another Member as a 6th character, in areas such as the Roadmap & World Stages

Each member may be allocated certain rights, as per the below table.

Title Description
Leader Has All Faction Privileges
Co-Leader All Faction Privileges except to Rename Faction
Constable Can Set Titles, Approve Membership Requests, Send Invitations, Send Mass Messages & Edit Member Profile Notes
Recruiter Can Set Titles, Approve Membership Requests, Send Invitations & Edit Member Profile Notes
Runner Can send Invitations & Edit Member Profile Notes
Newcomer No Faction Privileges

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