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Faction Territories Edit

Team up with your faction mates to take and hold iconic locations, fighting with other factions to earn game-wide bonuses and be the exclusive owner of a piece of the Walking Dead world. Plus bug fixes and other improvements.

Factions can now vie with each other for control of territories in the world of the Walking Dead

  • There are 40 standard territories, some of which give more valuable benefits than others
  • There are 10 special event territories which become available for limited time events

Attack territories with your faction, take control, and fortify them with defenders to keep them

  • If a territory is unoccupied, fight to clear the walkers from it to take control for your team
  • If it’s controlled by a rival faction, fight their defenders to deplete their control of the area
  • Once the defender falls the territory is Contested, and you’ll battle to seize control of it

Once your faction takes a territory, it and its benefits are yours until a rival takes it from you

  • You must leave behind teams (known as reserve teams) to lay siege to your enemy and defend what you own
  • Only factions with reserve teams in place can fight to consolidate control of a territory
  • Reserve teams can only be placed when you attack a territory - you must fight to win
  • Once you’re in control, your reserve teams become defenders, and you can reinforce

Characters defeated in territory battles suffer stamina damage and become exhausted

  • An exhausted character can’t participate in territory battles until it has time to recover
  • Characters recover naturally over time, but this can be sped up with recovery items
  • Rarer characters have more endurance, but take longer to recover from exhaustion
  • Characters occupying a Contested territory cannot recover until control is consolidated
  • Characters suffer increasing exhaustion from death in territories held for a long time

Each territory provides one of a large variety of ongoing bonuses while your faction owns it

  • Some bonuses enhance your combat power, while others give you economic benefits
  • They apply to your entire faction, and can benefit you in various other game features
  • You can earn additional bonuses for owning multiple territories in a group together

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