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Ultra Rare Gear01

Extra Gear such as Wool Beanies, Flak Jackets, Alpenstock,

Weathered Journals, Waist Tool Packs, Topographic Maps & more may also be found.

This Mission is available on The Roadmap, & was open for a limited amount of time.

Recommended Team A++

Final Rewards : Wool Beanie x 1, Flak Jacket x 1

Advice:- you will need to use a World Energy Refill, as it is a minimum 15 World Energy. World Energy has also started appearing on some of the Rewards.

Note: You can redo any stage to get a chance to drop the associated item loot in the table below. For your best chances use a leader with Item Drop Rates bonus and an ally from your faction with a Item Drop Rates bonus. When you redo a stage the chance to get an item is NOT 100%. Redoing the stages also have a slight chance for Wool Beanie or Flak Jacket drop.

This event appear on average once a month. See Past Events for dates.

Stage Energy Required Waves Enemy Type Rewards Used to Upgrade
4* & 5*
1 15 5 Walkers


Weathered Journals x 1 Peacekeeper
2 15 5 Enemy Survivors


Waist Toolpack x 1 Rebel
3 15 5 Walkers Topographic Map x 1 Leader
4 15 5 Enemy Survivors Gas Mask x 1 Soldier
5 15 5 Walkers Camp Stove x 1 Citizen
6 15 5 Enemy Survivors Alpenstock x 1 Hunter
  1. Wide variation of walkers, in each Wave. Obstacles present. Use the usual Battle Items for dealing with Walkers
  2. Enemy Survivors are a combination of Ranged Tough/Alert

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