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David García is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Season Three. He is the elder brother of Javier García, and was one of four leaders of the group known as the New Frontier, alongside Clint, Paul, and Joan, before being betrayed.

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David 5★ "Ties That Bind" Alert Edit

Name: David "Ties That Bind"
Persona: Soldier persona icon2 Soldier
Trait: Alert Alert
Age: Mid 30's
Occupation: U.S. Army
Rarity: Epic (★★★★★)

Leader Skill Edit

Does not have one.

Specialist Skill Edit

Evasion: Whenever this character takes damage from an attack or rush, they will reduce the amount based on their current AP.

Adrenaline Rush Edit

Staggering Burst: Deal 300% Damage and Stun for 2 turns to a line of enemies.

Level Adrenaline Cost
1 120
2 114
3 108
4 102
5 96
6 90
7 84
8 78
9 72
10 66

Stats Edit

Rank AP
Level Attack Defense Health
Tier 1 10 1
Tier 2 20 1
Tier 3 30 1
Tier 4 40 1
80 819 865 1046

Gallery Edit

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