Dale's Story Info

Help Dale and Glenn make the right choices as they encounter a mysterious survivor.

Friend or foe? Survive & win 3 star Dale PLUS 2 Rare Trainers (3* Trainer)!

Dale's Story 3

Duration around 8 days

Recommended Team A++

Features ALERT & TOUGH Walkers, plus numerous obstacles.

Features FAST, STRONG, ALERT & TOUGH Enemy Survivors.

Dale's StoryEdit

Stage Waves Energy


Enemy Expected Rewards
1 3 4 Walkers Basic Tokens x1
2 3 5 Walkers Coins x15
3 4 6 Enemy Survivors Basic Tokens x4
4 4 7 Enemy Survivors Muscle Booster x1
5 5 8 Walkers Bloody Shirt x1
6 5 9 Walkers Basic Trainers x1
7 6 10 Enemy Survivors Safety Helmet x1 + Ammo Belt x1
8 6 11 Enemy Survivors Elite Weapon Tokens x1 + Dale x1 + Basic Trainers x2 (3* Trainers)



As always, critical hits will instantly kill walkers in one hit. Focus on having a Leader with a critical bonus for the team such as Michonne 3* (+16 crit for melee teammates), Holly 3* (+12 crit for all teammates) or Andrea 3* (+12 crit for all teammates).

Nitric Oxide is a good item for this roadmap as it gives +20 crit to all melee units for 3 turns.

Bloody Shirt is a good item for when specific walkers are too close and you cannot kill them all. If a walker is in the corner and will attack your top/bottom left/right character, use the Bloody Shirt on that specific character and next turn the walker will continue moving forward, buying you one more turn.

Sedative Bottle, Stamina Booster / Muscle Booster are very good for surviving walker attacks if you have to tank them or if you cannot use the Bloody Shirt effectively (walkers in the middle who can attack the top/bottom characters if you use the Bloody Shirt on your middle character).

Enemy SurvivorsEdit

Sedative Bottle, Stamina Booster / Muscle Booster are good items for surviving human attacks (especially in the last two stages).

Berserk Bottle is extremely useful as using it (along with damage buffing items noted below) gives you the possibility of killing a few enemies in one turn, minimizing the damage you take later.

Dum Dum Bullets / Grindstone are good for additional damage.

A character (or 2) with a Healing Adrenaline Rush IS A MUST (especially stage 7 and 8).

Healing items (Replenish, First Aid Kit, Energy Burst, High Replenish, First Aid Case, Deluxe Replenish) ARE A MUST (especially stage 7 and 8).

Gallery Edit

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