Crit. (an abbreviation of “Critical Hit”) is defined as a stronger than normal blow to an enemy, whether it be an Enemy Survivor or a Walker. The more Crit. points a character has (including any bonus from their  weapon), the more likely they will be to kill the enemy with a Single Blow. This can be used as a very effective strategy, particularly against Walkers in the some of the more difficult Missions.

A character can gain bonus Crit. points through Leader Skills, Ally Skills, Weapons, Adrenaline Rushes and Battle Items (Nitric Oxide and Sharpshooter).

Additionally, certain characters will automatically deal a Critical Hit when their Adrenaline Rush is activated.

Crits increase damage by 50% against humans, but note that your crit stat isn't a straight percentage change to crit. There's some more complex math that happens to convert your crit 'rating' into a chance to crit, which is designed to apply some diminishing returns so people don't get into a state where they're critting with every attack (which would totally break all walker combat). Dash *Scopely*

Further information on the use of Critical Hit can be found on Wikipedia.

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