How to create/edit a Character using the character template ?

Please note this requires some Basic Coding.

How to create a character Page.Edit

  1. Edite Uma Seção apropriada soluçar hum traço caracteres. ISSO Feito Clicando e à Esquerda da mesa, e Selecionando Adicionar Linha.
  1. It will ask wether to select Above or Below.
  1. Add the basic text as per other characters, & try & follow a similar format.
  1. Then highlight the characters name, and click the Chain link Icon from the Menu above.
  2. Then select Open & a New Window will Open.
  3. Then Select Add to this Page
  4. You are now ready to Edit, as per the next section

How to Edit a Character Page, that does not have a templateEdit

  1. Click on the White Pointer to the Right of the Edit Icon, and Select Classic Editor.
  2. At the top, there are 2 tabs. 1 is source & the other is Visual. Select Source
  3. Open another new tab, & select Character Template from this link
  4. Select the Source Tab.
  5. Copy all text using the Mouse, and select Copy. Go back to the characters page, & select Paste.
  6. Text should have copied across. You can now edit the appropiate text at the top, & replace it with the characters details in the template. Once finished editing this Infobox, you can switch to Visual Mode, & edit the rest of Information such as Leader Skill, Adrenalin Rush, Stats etc
  7. On the Right Hand Side are Categories, Please add Characters, as well the Trait & Persona. Then select the Blue Publish button on the right hand side.

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