Wdwalker kill

Combating Walkers Edit

General Advice Edit

  • Use a leader with bonus crit, use a team that match the leader crit bonus. Use a full ranged or full melee team.
  • Equip weapon with high bonus to crit.
  • Bring Replenish + Bloody Shirt + Nitric Oxide (melee) or Sharpshooter (ranged) + Smelling Salts or Guts
  • Attack those Walkers closest to your team.
  • Some Walkers have Traits also, attack them with characters strong against those Traits.
  • Critical Hits are particularly potent against Walkers, resulting in a guaranteed kill. (As such, the Headshot Adrenaline Rush is a good choice when combating Walkers.)
  • When obstacles are on the field, be careful with Melee (Fast, Strong) characters . Attacking a Walker behind an obstacle is a waste of a turn.
  • Adrenaline Rushes that target multiple enemies are very useful.
  • The best Defense against Walkers is a good Attack. Kill them before they get to you.
  • When playing multi-tiered walker missions (some walkers available and more darkened in the rear), if you clear all available walkers, you get the message "No one to attack! Time to prepare!". The first character you attacked with will instantly have their AR skill available. This mechanism could be used to refill AR critical Adrenaline rushes.

Walker Types Edit

  • Basic Walker - Basic Walkers are the most common. They have lower Attack, Defense, and HP compared to special Walkers.
  • Fast Walker - Moves further each turn than other Walkers.
  • Strong Walker - Has higher Attack than other Walkers.
  • Tough Walker - Has higher HP than other Walkers.
  • Alert Walker - Has higher defense than other Walkers.

Examples of the above types can be found on the Walkers Page

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