Challenges Edit

The challenges infobox gives the player an idea of what characters should be used in their team, to help defeat the enemy.

Area Damage Edit

  • Enemies will damage multiple characters at once

Buff Edit

  • Enemies can increase the power of themselves & team mates

Chokepoints Edit

  • Obstacles will limit Strong & Fast characters attacks, but also groups enemies together

Control Edit

  • These effects make it more difficult to fight back

Dividers Edit

  • Obstacles will limit Strong & Fast characters attacks, but can split enemies into smaller groups.

Focused Damage Edit

  • Enemies can easily kill characters, that are low on health

Healing Edit

Large Mob Edit

  • Large groups of enemies are usually in this stage. Usually Walkers.

No Challenges Edit

  • No specific challenges here

No Traits Edit

  • No enemies with traits here.

Powerful Enemies Edit

  • Enemies that are more powerful than normal are located here.

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