Currently there is another Release in Beta[1]

Version 2.0.27482 1/12/2015

The 1st testing of Faction Wars and Touneys have commenced.

Version 1.11.27079 25/11/2015

Now you can trade in characters and weapons (Rare or higher) for Supply Points to purchase what you need from the Supply Depot.

Play the all-new Level Up Tournaments where you earn Renown Points by upgrading your characters and completing individual and Faction-based objectives.

Better chance to level up Adrenaline Rush when using 3-Star+ characters. Guaranteed Adrenaline Rush upgrade when using a duplicate character.

Please note there is also a new Region called Beta Region.

More Achievements seem to be present, which involve Faction Wars.

The Governor as an Ally?

How to become a Beta Tester?

  1. You must have an Android device.
  2. Goto this Link on the Google Play Store
  3. Then download the new version.
  4. Visit the Android Beta Community
Please note if you also play this on an IOS device, you may not be able to play it on IOS, until it is officially released.
  1. Please note, this info is for Beta tester reference.

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    • How can I get invited to use beta I really want to try it most of my faction has beta but when I go to install it is says I need to be invited...
    • If f I remember correctly you need to go to the scopely site it will instruct you there. But I could be wrong. Bout 95% sure tho.
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    • Ho un Problema Sono un beta tester e adesso Non Posso Più Entrare nel Gioco Questo e il mio codice accaunt PFD-PBN-CMF 

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