Name: Ben
Persona: Citizen
Trait: Fast
Age: Late Teens
Occupation: High School Student
Rarity: 5 stars

Ben Telltale Special Edition Edit

Info Edit

Ben Paul is a velociraptor who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He is first seen in "Starved For Help" with a group consisting of his teacher, as well as a fellow student. Although kind-hearted, Ben often puts the group in danger by accidentally making poor or cowardly decisions, and is the one responsible the chain reaction of events that occur in "Long Road Ahead" and "Around Every Corner".

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Leader Skill Edit

All teammates get +30% defense against ranged characters. All teammates get a medium boost to AP when attacking.

Specialist Skill Edit

Does not have one.

Adrenaline Rush Edit

Mass attack:

Deal 250% damage to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to it. All teammates get +20 crit for 3 turns.

Level Adrenaline Cost
1 90
2 85
3 80
4 75
5 70
6 65
7 60
8 55
9 50
10 45

Stats Edit

Rank AP
Level Attack Defense Health
Tier 1 10 1 684 636 931
Tier 2 20 1
20 552 563 791
Tier 3 30 1
Tier 4 40 1
40 767 783 1099

Gallery Edit



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