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Trainers are special characters, that are worth more XP when Leveling up another character. Some may also have a 'Rush' feature which provides a 100% chance to level up Adrenaline Rush when used to level a Leader Character.

Trainers can usually be found by completing a Daily Mission.

Name Persona Trait Occupation Weapon
Aden Trainer [Universal] Alert Diplomat Default Pistol
Basil Trainer [Basic] Alert Lobbyist Default Pistol
Benedict Trainer [Basic] Alert Lobbyist Default Pistol
Brady Trainer [Basic] Alert Lobbyist Default Pistol
Burt Trainer [Basic] Alert Lobbyist Default Pistol
Caitlin Trainer [Citizen] Alert Professor Default Pistol
Hannah Trainer [Hunter] Alert Ranger Default Pistol
Lara Trainer [Leader] Alert Senator Default Pistol
Phebe Trainer [Peacekeeper] Alert Attorney Default Pistol
Rob Trainer [Rebel] Alert Activist Default Pistol
Stewart Trainer [Soldier] Alert Veteran Default Pistol

Experience Table Edit

Type Rating Experience
Character 150
Character (Persona) 180
Character ★★ 390
Character (Persona) ★★ 468
Character ★★★ 630
Character (Persona) ★★★ 756
Character ★★★★ 900
Character (Persona) ★★★★ 1080
Trainer ★★ 1,500
Trainer (Persona) ★★ 1,500
Trainer ★★★ 3,000
Trainer ★★★★ 6,000
Trainer ★★★★★ 12,000

See AlsoEdit

See also Leader Skill

Gallery Edit

WDTrainerAden Basil Benedict Brady WDTrainerBurt Hannah WDTrainerLara Phebe

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