Mystery Bag 30 days login
Carl 4

$10 USD for 30 days (13.40$ CAN or £8.99 GBP). New in build 2.4

Current 30th day reward = Mystery Bag
The Carl is no longer available

The Carl has been the reward for the first 30 days pass.

You'll get your rewards whenever you log in for the first time each day, regardless of realm.
For coins, realm doesn't matter because the pool of coins is shared. Characters will be delivered wherever you log in.

Do we have to pay 10 bucks every 30 days after we completed the reward?
You don't have to, but you can. Of course we hope you'll like it and opt in again after your first month. Dash *Scopely*

Do we need to log in 30 straight days, or it's just you can log in any 30 days?
You won't lose anything if you miss a day, other than time. You'll get your rewards on the next 30 days you do log in. Dash *Scopely*

When will this be available for everyone?
This feature should go live to the public with the 2.4 update, probably around the end of this month (March 2016). Dash *Scopely*

We can't use the character in our main region, only in beta which means as a beta tester we loose out ?
The 30th day reward will be granted on whichever realm you log into first on your 30th day, so you won't lose out. Dash *Scopely*

Interesting.. your 30 day bonus is different from mine.
This is a bug. Everyone should be seeing the 4* Carl character as their first reward. Dash *Scopely*

Will odds from pulls now be lowered that lots of people will have enough to do 10 pulls every end of the month?
We have no plans to change the odds for pulls based on this. The goal with this was to give you a good value. Dash *Scopely*

Can you add a purchase with coins option or can I talk to support to purchase it using coins?
Unfortunately, purchasing it with coins isn't an option we plan to support for this. This is a great value we want to offer users who would like to spend on the game (but not necessarily spend a lot on it), not a way to turn in coins for more coins. Dash *Scopely*

Can we get a bigger 30 days pass ?
We tested out other price points (one higher, and one lower) on a few regions to see if they'd do well, but ultimately the common middle price won out, so that'll be what everyone will get going forward. Sorry to disappoint. Dash *Scopely*